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Ultra Pet Food

New Zealand's Healthiest, All Natural, Premium Dog Food Range

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100% Wheat & GE Free

Ultra is Wheat and GE free provides 100% of the essential proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics needed to live a healthy life.

- Their teeth become whiter & stronger

- Skin and coat become healthier & shiny

- Bad breath & odor are minimized

- Better metabolis: weight lost or gained

- An overall stronger immune system

AAFCO Approved Dog Food

Ultra dog food exceeds the latest AAFCO specifications. Scientifically proven contain 100% of the essential proteins, vitamins, minerals, enzymes and probiotics needed for your dogs daily diet and stay healthy.

Ultra packaging
Ultra dog food kibble and ingredients


All ingredients used in Ultra pet food are sourced from NZ-sourced raw materials, from the human food chain where possible.

Ultra uses a quality NZ's Animal food nutritionist to formulate its products. Ms Jenny Anderson has helped formulate Ultra pet food's premium products including Ultra Growth (Puppy), Ultra Adult Maintenance, and Ultra Active (Working).

Why NZ-Sourced?

NZ-sourced raw materials are preferred as there is no GE grains grown here, and the stock from which muscle meat is obtained is grass fed, not GE modified grain fed, or steroid fed. Also, there is no foot and mouth, or made cow disease in New Zealand

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Premuim Dog Food

All ingredients are natural, and chemical and additive free. You will not find melamine in any of our products.

Melamine is often used to top-up protein levels - a common practice in some foreign countries.

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Premium dog food products delivered straight to your door anywhere in New Zealand.

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Made in New Zealand by kiwis

NZ Made & Owned

Ultra pet food is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. Here at Ultra Pet Food, we have taken the guess work out of your pets’ dietary needs.

We provide only healthy products that are manufactured here in New Zealand.